Spider-Man Mask Questions


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Hello, I’ve just purchased a Spider-Man mask and I have a question for the experienced cosplayers.

So you know how Spider-Man will sometimes lift the bottom of his mask and expose his mouth (see image)? I was wondering if anyone achieved this look in their cosplay without the eyes of the mask sliding up to the forehead area. It’s one of my personal favourite looks for the character and I just can’t get the eyes to stay in place when I roll up the mask. They always slide up to my forehead.


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If anyone reading has done the rolled up mask without a faceshell, do leave a comment about how you did it (there’s gotta be someone out there who’s done it, right?).


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Late update to this: I figured it out. No faceshell. You just roll up the mask a certain way, so that the rolled up part holds the rest down by pinching it against your nose. It's a little difficult at first but I have it down to a science now. Here's a funny photo

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