1. thefilmspirit

    I turned my mum into THOR

    At first i was trying to make a cosplay for me, but when a receive the vest i bought and I checked it was an XS size instead of a Large one... I've changed my mind and I thought it would be a great idead to turn my mum into Thor in order to spend more time with her. This is the result. This...
  2. TheD0C70R

    Spider-Man Mask Questions

    Hello, I’ve just purchased a Spider-Man mask and I have a question for the experienced cosplayers. So you know how Spider-Man will sometimes lift the bottom of his mask and expose his mouth (see image)? I was wondering if anyone achieved this look in their cosplay without the eyes of the mask...
  3. SaphyreDaze

    Yelena costume piece IDs

    Hello! I am currently trying to ID her boots and her gloves. I have a ton of ref pics if anyone wants them too for her suit. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uIFwfwBljQs1N3cCqehylrjP6lNI32jk?usp=sharing
  4. G

    Spider-Man Far From Home Sunglass Case

    Just saw FFH and love the case that the EDITH glasses came in. It looks to be root-ball wood but I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas who makes this/how it could be made?
  5. quintessential

    Best Mjolnir 2019

    Hey guys, I'm looking for recommendations on the best Mjolnir replica on the market at the moment. I've been wanting one for a long time and I was drawn towards the catstoys model however it isn't the correct size and the visible seams on the handle put me off a little.
  6. Ciara Hagen

    Infinity War Iron Man Genderbend

    Here's my Infinity War Iron Man suit genderbend. I decided to add LEDs to the wing parts just for extra detail because I love working with LEDs haha.