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I am looking for some advice on how I might be able to recreate or make something that is close in look to the jacket pictured below.

I'm pretty sure this is a custom-made jacket for Reeve Carney, who is playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man on Broadway.

I am interested in either trying to recreate this jacket or to make something similar using a hooded sweatshirt.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. It has been a while since I have sewed, but I know people, locally, who can.

Thanks so much!
I have a new, never been worn,Spiderman leather jacket/coat. Probably not something you were looking for, but I thought I would give it a shot.
I have a craving to do the jacket myself! It seems to be a "jean jacket" style, without the usual cowboy styling-the red seems to be suede, but other fabrics can be subbed. I have done a couple of Spidey costumes, but am most proud of my costume-inspired pajamas!
I found another picture of the jacket and it looks like the blue may also be suede, but with a denim look to it. I can't quite tell.

I may try a version using a red/crimson sweatshirt as the base. It might be a bit easier and it may look better on me. Plus it would be cheaper and I wouldn't be sewing from scratch.

A black version would be cool as well. Maybe even cooler.

I don't look anything like Reeve Carney and don't have the spidey physique. :lol
I have been searching long and hard for this jacket ever since I saw the show. Now that sometime has passed does anyone know any leads to getting one?
I think it's still gonna have to be custom. Jean jacket style, from denim and possibly ultrasuede.
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