Spencers Chucky Custom Rehaul Modification


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Hello. I've decided to heavily modify my Spencers Chucky (The older version with the hard body). Since the release of mass-produced Chucky items have dramatically increased the past few years, the art of modifying your own cheap doll has died. As a kid I always enjoyed watching Howlrunner and berger do their Spencers Rehauls, as well as someone who went by SupraTT or Nick. Hopefully 10 years later I can do mine justice.

I bought this hard plastic Spencers doll for about 70, it was a mess and lost all of its hair (one less step I have to do) I plan to remove the stitches, recreate the mouth, add new eyes, fill in and add some scars, ect. I will post updates as I go. Thanks for looking!


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I have cut out the staples, teeth, eyes and part of the mouth so that the Sculpting putty has something to attach to. I have also started to resculpt the mouth area to close the mouth and get rid of the overbite. The usual size eyes for this doll is 22mm, So I bought some to test fit.


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~Update #2~

So I've completed sculpting his lips, a bit on the bigger side but I'm happy. I also sculpted more clay above his left eye to add to the look, changed the shape of his top fish-like scar, and a lot more. I'm creating some hands for him on the 3D printer, and have ordered a wig and some better shoes.

I'm unsure what to do about his stiff body, the legs spread way too wide and his arms stay by his side like a soldier. I'm thinking of making the arms and legs plush, which would also help give him some shoulders, while keeping the torso plastic.


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~Update~ #3

So I've smoothed everything out and started painting him. It was a little to pale for my liking so I did a light wash of brown acrylic paint and some small weathering. They eyes are not glued in yet, I'm just testing the look. I'm going to start on the body next, as it will be difficult for me to learn the proper way of laying hair, as I refuse to just glue naked hair strands like others have done. So this may be the last update on the head for a bit.


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