1. AnneWithAnE

    Looking for custom Admiral Janeway Tunic

    Looking for a custom Admiral Janeway tunic from the Star Trek Voyager final series episode Endgame. It's also similar to Captain Crusher's uniform in the Star Trek the Next Generation finale All Good Things and Picard Season 2 first episode uniforms.
  2. benderobot

    Blade 1/6 scale diorama

    Hi, this is my latest work, Blade 1/6 scale diorama, based on the Temple of Eternal Night from the movie. It´s made of extruded polystyrene, plasticard for model building and Das puttty, except for the Blade letters, the rest is handmade.
  3. Jameel Ur

    Interest Rocky1 bond fifth avenue leather coat!

    I'm seeing if people interested in rocky1 bond fifth avenue leather coat with inside warm vest that he worn in "Rock-1". Rick Theriault asked me about this jacket in late 2016 but we couldn't discussed upon it. So, I'm going to start working on mockup sample in early April.
  4. GreenCircleCube

    Show your custom Lightsabers!

    Hey guys, So since Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming this December, I've been getting back into lightsabers again. I really enjoyed the lightsabers from the movies like Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber, Mace Windu's lightsaber, and especially Obi Wan's lightsaber from TPM and AOTC. But from...
  5. benderobot

    The Mandalorian Nevarro City diorama

    Hi, this is my Mandalorian diorama , with customs Din Djarin's cloth cape and Grogu's backpack, 6in black series figures.
  6. Kobeque

    Custom Sonic Screwdriver, 10th Doctor Inspired

    Hi all, this is just another quick one day build from me, this time a custom sonic screwdriver, very loosely based on David Tennant's screwdriver from his run as the 10th Doctor. I wanted a nice metal replica of this prop, but after seeing the price tag on those I decided I better make one...
  7. M

    Want to Buy Moder costume from "The Ritual"

    I would love to buy a costume of the monster from the movie "The Ritual", called Moder. It would be a very big project, involving stilts for the arms and the legs. Any costume makers want to take the job? I have attached some images.
  8. fabledreptilian

    Custom Print Zentai suit

    hey folks, I'm hopin' you guys might be able to help me - I'm lookin' to have a zentai suit custom printed to match a pattern design of mine - I've got no experience in the area and I had tried to have one printed but I'm not super happy with the results - I was wandering if anyone on here...
  9. Xander87

    Custom Mando rig!!!

    Hey Everyone! First time foam build, picked the mando and I’m happy with the results, so much helpful information on the RPF. Thanks to everyone for sharing and making this possible. Ive borrowed files from several designers and designed a couple pieces myself, mainly the bracers and the Blaster...
  10. DFC Props

    Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI Kit Build (Need Help!)

    Hello all. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm finally getting around to finishing up my Pip-Boy kit that I purchased last year, but I need some help. I intend to install a real screen with an animated video to simulate a functional screen (not a phone), lights for the vacuum tubes, and a...
  11. kingolaf99

    Custom OT Style Lightsaber Build - Add Your Input

    Parts / Materials: - Vintage Heiland shroud, purchased from forumite propmainiac way back in 2016 - Vintage SOL 3 cell flash tube, purchased from eBay - Reproduction Graflex clamp, purchased from Roman Props (love this thing) - Vintage Bubble Strip, pulled from an old calculator (not an Exactra...
  12. FabiKurz

    My custom Matrix cellphone

    Hi Everybody! This was my first project (2008/ 2009). It's a "version" of Matrix cellphone for my Nokia 6230 (I had to adapt the original design to match with the position of the display, keyboard and others elements). So, although it's not a replica itself, I'd like to share it with all of you...
  13. FreddySchramm

    AR-T3CO Custom Rayguns.

    About two years ago I designed and modeled an original concept for an art deco style raygun. I recently Molded the 3D printed prototype and cast a few in hopes of selling kits. I was able to cast 6, but since the mold fused (shoulda used more release ....) and me having to jewel cut it out, each...
  14. d4rk5ide

    Looking for someone to craft custom Helmet for HUD project integration.

    I have been looking around the net and I am trying to either find someone who does commissions for helmets or can point me to a place that does. For the last year or so, I have been in the design phase of a type of gaming/VR helmet. It will be fully inclusive of audio in/out/comms , custom...
  15. FlyCatcher

    Want to Buy Wanted: custom character mask 3D model/resin

    Hello to all of the 3D modelers and resin-crafters out there. I would like to ask if any of you were open to making me a custom white resin mask. It's an extremely simple design, fairly similar to the masks worn by those kids in nightmare before Christmas or the cat mast worn by Zacharie from...
  16. CemeteryHaunts

    Judith Myers and Voorhees Tombstones

    Hello everyone! Today is my first post! A little about me...I'm an artist like most of you and I do this full time. I started building custom Tombstones about 10 years ago because I was just so fed up with retail stones for Halloween. I made them for myself and about 8 years ago I started...
  17. APropOr2

    Metroid Containment Unit Build / Jakks Pacific Metroid Repaint

    Hello RPF - I was just hired for my first commissioned prop: The Metroid containment capsule from super Metroid!! The client and I have agreed upon the below design that I laid out in tinkercad (if anyone can recommend a free modeling software with a similar learning curve to tinkercad I...
  18. R

    Jason hood

    Hoping someone can help. I am updating together a custom Jason Voorhees-esque costume and I'm looking for a good latex hood available in the UK? Some back story to this. I am a big Oakland Raiders fan (NFL) and last year I decided that I was going to embrace the realm of a "costumed superfan"...
  19. S

    Where to get custom cardboard box Low Quantity Europe/Norway

    Hey, I'm new here but i thought i would just go to where seems the best place for this. I wonder if there is a website where i can buy a custom made cardboard box which ships to Norway and is reasonable priced. I found a couple sites but they were US only or high quantity only. If it helps, my...
  20. N

    I'm looking to get into repainting NECA Scarface, how do I???

    Hey guys. I really wanna get into the customizing of a few NECA preds to make them more accurate, the first one being Scarface. I want him to have a paintjob that's similar to his ingame adaptation, rather than just a reuse of the repainted AVP body. Anyone know how I can do that and what...
  21. XilianX2010

    Dragon Bio Design Concepts - Rough Sketches

    Hey all! It's been awhile since I've posted something here! I want to get back into making a Predator mask and bio helmet and I already had some designs in mind. I used PredtrHuntr's lineart as a template and sketched two "Dragon-Styled" bio helmets. (I love me some Dragons, so if I were ever to...
  22. Dann

    Custom Luke style Macrobinoculars

    Howdy folks! So, I cobbled together some Luke style Macros. I hope you like them! They're for sale in the junkyard, to help pay for my kitty cat's surgery.