1. BruceGrayson21

    The Batman 2022 Cowl Adjustment

    So I just got a The Batman 2022 Cowl from gc5fx and it looks great. The only thing is, its not snug to my face on the sides at all (exposing my earlobes which looks goofy) and the chin piece is about 1-1.5 inches too low. What I'm wondering is, does anyone know how I can modify the cowl to have...
  2. Roostercomb

    Leatherface 1974 mask

    Hey yall. In the process of building a 1974 leatherface cosplay to wear to texas frightmare weekend. I managed to get a tots leatherface mask but it requires some modifications and was curious if anyone could help. I have to cut out the mouth and replace the grill, as well as trim and dye the...
  3. MurderBagel

    Feasible to Modify a Sword to Make Anglachel? (LOTR Prop/Functional Sword)

    Hey All, this is my first post around here, it's a pleasure to meet you all! I go by MurderBagel, and I've had an obsession with Lord of the Rings for the longest time, so since this is my first sword purchase I naturally wanted it to be modified to be based on one from Middle Earth! I'm...
  4. halloweengf64

    TOTS Good Guy Doll mods??

    i just got a Trick or Treat Studios Good Guy Doll for christmas! i fixed up the hair and i love the way it looks. i was wondering if anyone has done any interesting modifications! i’ve seen rag doll body mods and voice boxes- has anyone attempted re-hairing or re-painting? has anyone tried...
  5. sonicfreak04

    question about "3D printed Good Samaritan pistol"

    I think it's awesome that we now can buy our own 3d printed replicas of the good samaritan from Hellboy, I have a question regarding going further with the 3d model. I have no experience making 3d models would someone who is experienced with model making modify a base model of the pistol to make...
  6. Fanofstarwars

    Rogue One Vader helmet build and modifications

    Hi, Recently got my R1 Vader helmet in from Kent; plan is to make it as accurate as possible to the movie. I spent a few days comparing the helmet to the movie slides and concluded that some of the details on stone helmet are correct ex tusk tubes, teeth, etc; things like the right cheek or left...