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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Hand-Schaub, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I'm beginning some research on the space helmets. I'm not too savy with the whole series because I am researching for a friend. I know of several people who have done this helmet but I could not find much on way of base helmets. I'm looking to do a "costume grade' helmet but I would still like to have some form of accuracy in it.
    Much appreciated for any infomation on 'real world' parts that were used.
  2. Galactifan

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  3. JP05

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    As far as I know...there was no base was custom.
  4. Hand-Schaub

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    Thanks - I did see that web site - it's nice to see some decent behind the scenes photos.

    I'm thinking that the front of the helmet is a lot like a 70s era fighter pilot helmet. I realize the helmet is custom and very far from anything off the shelf but it's very rare that prop guys would start from scratch to make a dome. I would assme they cut up an exisiting helmet at very least.

    Wat might be some options? Even if it is not 100% accurate I would like to hear how others would go about starting.
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    I looked at some of my flight helmets, it looks more like a helicopter helmet than any of the vintage jet helmets I have, but my collection is far from all-inclusive. I am basing this "guess" on the visor cover shown on that website, it looks like a visor cover from an APH series helo helmet.

    David Tremont may have built the helmets. He was last working at the Weta Workshop, I think, doing stuff for King Kong.

    Good luck, this is an overlooked helmet that IMHO has alot of appeal. The show was great.
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    The S:AAB helmet is definately created from scratch. The only part that is from an existing helmet is the knob that lowers the visor. I have one of the original helmets from the series pilot (Vansen's), as well as several other versions.
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    I concur. I owned a Hero for a while and its definately all scratch built.
  8. Hand-Schaub

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    All right... thanks for the input guys.

    I guess the only question I have is if you guys with the real deal can shed some light on size. Basically just the length and width. I'll be sculpting on a head bust but it would be nice to have a few guide lines. Also - the canisters on the back - are those from a model kit?

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