Soyuz Box art build almost done.

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The bottom B/C deck and dome have been removed. The new part with the turret is "in the mail". I was not happy with the colors I had on the build up, so I've been refinishing it. There are some Saratoga parts on the extended hull, so I've been using the Saratoga, and Reliant studio models as a guide to paint the hull since there are no referances of the studio model in this configuration in normal light - it's all screne shots unfortunatly.

Here, the boarder hull colors are added before paneling is started. The engineering gray panels and the cheater line on the B/C deck have been re-painted to the proper shade of gray.
Soyuz Conversion Build-up :: IMG_20110922_015022.jpg picture by Tracy_Mann - Photobucket

The large detail on the top of the extended hull are the out-board halves of the pods mounted on the Saratoga. These pods are the same color as the darker boarder color on the step up section of the hull, so I painted them the same way here.
Soyuz Conversion Build-up :: IMG_20110922_015040.jpg picture by Tracy_Mann - Photobucket

Soyuz class ships warp nacels light up on both sides. The initial blue I had on was too bright, so I mixed a deeper blue and I think it looks a lot better. It's just about ready for paneling. Once the new part is installed and painted, the paneling will be next.

This should be on display at Federation Model's vending table in Oralndo at Model Palooza during the first weekend in October.

More pix to come!

Some interesting new finds as I study images for painting. In the build up, the nacel struts will extend aft of the trailing edge of the pod box mounts. This extention must be cut off due to the studio model having a pure virticle face aft of the nacel struts. Second, it has come to my attention that there are 4, not 3 probs on the outboard pods. The highest one, or top probe rod is very short and easy to miss. It'll probably be up to the modeler to add this short rod.

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