Soooooo.... I went to a Star Trek convention...

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Art Andrews and I went to the Las Vegas Star Trek convention this past weekend (no he didn't dress up but I did). It was really a lot of fun! Much smaller than what we are used to for conventions which really surprised us a lot. I put together a little video with my iPhone about our little adventure. I hope you'll check it out.
Star Wars Chick becomes Star Trek Chick - YouTube
Great video! The S.E. Grin on your face is impossible to disguise, and that makes the whole thing 110% more awesome. :) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself so much, and I'm even more glad you shared it with us! :D
Great video; very enjoyable! Thank you for posting. Your excitement really came through; almost felt like I was there myself!!
That was a great vid. I keep telling myself that I'm going to go but I always miss it, I really should since I live in Vegas.
We live there every weekend! We should meet up NakedMoleRat!

I'm so glad you are enjoying it. I really had a blast! My roommate in college got me hooked on TNG and it was one of the things that made college tolerable! A friend showed me the engagement vid as soon as they saw my video, super sweet!!!

Yes, if you would compare it to SW Celebration, it is pretty minuscule. Dragon Con makes it look small too.
What a delightful video !

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to make and post that :thumbsup

I've always dreamt of going to conventions (especially ST ones), and have seen a ton of videos on-line of them.

But seeing someone I can relate to in one of them, really made me feel as if I was there :cool

Heck, you made me geek out for the full 7 minutes :lol

Thanks again :thumbsup
Awwwww, thank you so much! And you are so welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed it and were geeking right along with me. That is fantastic and a great compliment. Thank you!
A great video!! Always liked ST growing up and was hooked on STNG. Watching your video has really made me realise how much I would love to go to an ST con one day.....thanks for sharing the video with us :)
Kristen getting her geek on can be almost embarrassing at times but I'll take it over people who have to hide their hobby from their significant other any day of the week!

We had a great time and as always it was nice to see a few familiar faces!
Another terrific video.

Shatner and Stewart are great together.

If you have not seen The Captains yet, look for it. It free on EPIX if you get that.
I am a vendor at that show every year, but couldnt make it this year due to my wifes health issues.

I wanted to see the new venue, they moved from the Hilton.

It looked like fun.
I haven't been to a Trek convention in years but I had a lot of fun at them in the past. Back when I went the autographs were free.

Great video by the way.
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