Sooo ... anybody get the Sideshow Darkness bust?

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Simmon M, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Simmon M

    Simmon M Sr Member

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    Just wondering if anyone on the board ordered a Sideshow 1:1 Darkness bust yet? I heard that they've started to ship and just wanted to know what your impressions were.
  2. allosaur176

    allosaur176 Sr Member

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    you mean, you don't have this yet Simmon???? Your slacking bro :p

    Just know that when you do get it in, I wanna see pics
  3. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    It is an uber-cool piece for the simple fact that it was sculpted by Teves himself. I'd have to repaint those eyes though. :)
  4. belloq

    belloq Well-Known Member

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    I received the darkness bust yesterday. Very impressive piece when you first see it and will be a Legend fan's dream to have on the shelf. A couple of criticisms: it seems smaller than I imagined it would be- I guess you always make things from the movies larger than life in your mind, but the head itself still seems a bit undersized. In addition, for $900, I would have expected it to have nice acrylic realistic eyes and a better job of the teeth detailing. The painted eyes don't look convincing and the gloss on the eyes is not nearly glossy enough.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of clear gloss can be used to make the eyes look real and wet but not so far as to look like they are tearing up?
  5. frosty

    frosty Sr Member

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    You could try a thin coat of five minute epoxy over them, gives a nice glossy coating.
    Just go easy with it, too much and he'll look like he's crying
  6. TFrosst

    TFrosst Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Future floor polish is also an other option. Easier to work with than epoxy and easier to get a thin coat.
  7. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    Some epoxys (epoxies?) can yellow with age too...

    I used Tamiya Clear on my Yoda eyes...
  8. Rylo

    Rylo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I want one but would love to see some pics other than the sideshow set.
  9. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    Envirotex lite is a great gloss.

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