Sonic Screwdriver Remote conversion question

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by SWRT, Aug 31, 2015.

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    I picked a used remote up the other day on ebay for $70 in a condition that was less
    great that I thought it would be. I've been looking on here for the conversion to make
    it open, but it seems like a lot of the pictures have been deleted. My question is would
    it be better to buy the new one for $50 (a lot) more and return this one to the seller or
    should I attempt to just make the one I have open? How hard was this mod and was
    it cheap? If it's gonna end up costing me $25 to do the mod and a lot of time then I
    would probably just rather send this one back and buy the one that already opens
    from the BBC shop.
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    As someone who owns both, the new one is surperiod in a lot of ways to the 11th remote. Not sure what your metalwork/engineering skills are, but I think it'd be a pretty challenging mod. Plus the new one opens with a spring loaded flick as opposed to a button. I tlaked with both designers at SDCC. Thyey designed, IIRC, minimum of 6 newtons of force to release the flicking motion open. Less, like being hung upside down doesn't actuate the mechanism. The speaker is much louder, and the weight feels a lot more balanced for throw/flip/catch. But even flipping it in your hand doesn't cause it to activte unless you spin it super fast.All that to say that I'm sure that if you have the skill, you could accomplish it, but trial and error might cost more than the $50. But I'd happily subscribe to a build thread if you did do it :)
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    You've convinced me. Sending that one back and I'll order the other soon. Maybe I can find
    a coupon code on the BBC site to ease the sting a bit haha Thanks, man!

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