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This is a build that I had completed last month to display my sonic collection in, made from pine and ply wood, the timber that was used is 65 x 8 pine board with 6mm ply backing.

Once I have filled all the nail gun holes and sanded it back, then painted it with the same paint used on the Tardis, I call it Galactic blue, then gave it a light sanding with an eclectic orbital sander so the paint would look a little thin in places and once I was happy with that got out the airbrush and dirtied the look of it.

Surfed the web and found a poster that fitted the theme that I was looking for of the Doctor, and printed it of on an A3 printer at work, I used 2mm clear lexan to hold it all in place for the light brackets I used plastic curtain rod holders to hold the
16mm dia led light to the top, and there you have it a Sonic display wall cabinet.
Thanks Who junkies, the next sonic to be insurted into the display will be be the 7th-8th Doctors Sonic once I have finished the 3D design drawings.
Love it. I need to get around to making a sonic holder too. It'll probably be something along the lines of this one lol.

Also, that poster is superb.
I like it. I just got my dad 2 sonics for xmas as part of a display i'm building. A 4th and 10th doctor's. Not sure what i'm going to do but like this but i'd have to work in the figures of the two doctors with it. I do love that poster though.
Thanks fellow Sonic juckies,
I do hope to make a start on the 7th-8th Doctors sonic in the next week or so to add to the sonic display wall cabinet.

Wes R...... I'm sure they will turn out just fine.
Warmachine ..... say Hi to ya family and if you would like a copy just PM
Ehawong........ leftovers from my TYJ Tardis build
I'm considering doing something similar: I have on of the old 800-Trekker Tardis signs that goes over the phone access door to use as the back piece. I'm mainly waiting until my son is a little older so I don't have to worry as much about him with a display like that.
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