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Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Star Wars Man, Jan 13, 2006.

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    alright, the "emitter" of the e11, how would you make that?

    and what type of magazine would u use? straight or curved

    and like, for those little metal things, that like, well here


    do you guys have some templates for those?
  2. Gatekeeper

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    Have you checked out this place? I guess you could build up the emitter from sheet styrene or similar. As for the "half moons", I'd try making them from sheet aluminum.

    Curved mag would look better, IMO.
  3. Gigatron

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    Well the two things you have circled, appear to be made from copper tubing. When your new dremel arrives, you'll be able to cut some fairly close and then probably have to do some shaping with a hand file.

    The muzzle (or emitter, if you will) can be made from wood. Make one the size of the end of the tube and one smaller. Join them togther (elmer's wood glue is hard to beat) and drill a hole down the center.

    The magazine does have a slight curve to it, but all the templates from the blaster builders club should show you how much of a curve. Or, just wing it. Noone's going to measure it

    Done and done :).

  4. Star Wars Man

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    i got my dremel, and pimp it is, but bbc, you have to be 13 for the forums...and i was looking for exactness for this, so i iwas wondering about some templates, and o ya, how would u bend .10 inch sheet metal? like...i know how to bend, but how to secure it and such
  5. Darth Lars

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    I had a rough template made from a resin Sterling. I have scanned it and cleaned it up for printing. Print at 100 DPI for 1.0" diameter tubing. The front and back scallops are identical.

    Preparation and tools:
    Print the template and get some 1.0" plastic or aluminum tubing, some paper glue (gluestick works great), a hacksaw, a round file, a piece of tubing the same diameter as your receiver (1.5" or close) and some sandpaper.

    To make each scallop:
    Clamp the piece of tubing into a vice. Cut out and glue the template to the tubing so that the inside curve is at the end of the tube. First cut away excess tubing on the opposite side of the template. Then cut the inside curve roughly using hacksaw and round file. Next, make the inside curve finer by wrapping sandpaper around the piece of larger tubing and using that as a tool.
    Try to fit the piece against your receiver. The two piece of tubing should fit perfectly 90° against eachother. When that is done, you can cut out the scallop from the 1" tube. Finish the outside edge with file and sandpaper.
  6. Jimbo890

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    Glad you like my build pic, and for me, trying to make the whole thing from metal was gonna be too hard. So, PVC, styrene, and basswood. I think the only things metal on my blaster was the copper pipe scallops, the bolt handle, trigger guard, and scope rail.

  7. Star Wars Man

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    here is an update, well i have given up on makin a wooden handle so i took a water gun and using the dremel cut off the handle, and unscrewed it to get this, this water gun has been sitting out in the rain and such for like ever, so the apint sux, and 1 screw, at the bottom of the handle, doesnt work, so i drilled it out, but now i am gonna put a little aluminum dowel in there, if you look you will see a part on the handle on the bottom facing right there is a brown notch on the top part, i had the sanding drum to fast and sanded a big hole into it, i took duct tape put some behind there and put gorilla glue in there and got it nice, well not yet, it is still drying, hey look i did my whole update in on sentence......... (talk about run on.)

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    SWM, ya did it again. Please don't post pics that honkin' huge. I changed it to a link.
  9. Star Wars Man

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    ARGH, srry, man got to remember that, dont mean to brag but with a 5mp camera....i can resize them though that isnt beyond my abilities...

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