Solo ANH Hero Scope Mount. New Pics near the end


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The suppressor has been found. Kudos to all of you for doing that. Now why don't you try and identify the scope mount.

In the suppressor thread I got off on a tangent about the mount in a discussion with Prop Runner. In that discussion I was talking about the position of the vertical bracket to the cradle.

My description wasn't the best so I went ahead and made a quick and dirty 3d model (no dimensions are right).

Here are the images to convey what it was I was saying.





What you see is a ONE piece design. This is how I personally believe it was built. The entire part is cast. Center oval cutout was either an insert or was machined out post casting.

I say post casting as this is how the Colt 1911 45's were made (and are still made). The frames are cast solid and the magazine cutouts are added post process.


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Hi Gav.

Unfortunately, I am at work and our filter does not allow for weapon or gun sites to display.... I have tried some searching, but cannot see any results.

Anyway, try searching for Russian Mosin Nagant, this rifle has a scope mount slightly similar to this and might be a lead to a series of scope mounts.

There are different versions of this rifle, and one might have the scope mount we are looking for. I would do all the searching myself, unfortunately, I cant do to the filter.

There are different Mosin Nagant rifles out there : M1891 91/10 91/30 1938 1944.

I will search more when I return home.



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Mosin Nagant mounts are close but I was never able to successfully find one that matched.

I personally believe it might be an off the shelf mount that was available in Germany around WWI. A lot of German snipers in WWI used their own rifles or they were converted sporting/hunting rifles.

I'm not interested in a part myself but am willing to offer my opinions on how it was constructed. Let others take the glory. :D

Got Maul

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gav, do you think this was a WHOLE piece, rather than a rail and cradle later attached together ? Do your references show the joining portions as continuous ?

Got Maul

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drew, it has to be a scope of some sort considering the scope rings are...afterall, scope rings- all assuming of course this is ONE piece...


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Since I have yet to see a prop part "machined" in ANH.........I'd have to bet that the scope assembly is a found scope assembly. I don't think there is doubt about the rings either Drew. That design has been around a very long time.



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Originally posted by Got Maul@Sep 28 2005, 10:39 PM
gav, do you think this was a WHOLE piece, rather than a rail and cradle later attached together ? Do your references show the joining portions as continuous ?

Yes I do.

When you look at other rifle scope mounts of the time period as well as during WWII, many of them are a one part cast piece.

The fillet on the interior edge between the vertical bracket and the cradle would facilitate the demolding of the part from the die.


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Let's go people. Figured taht you've got the ANH Suppressor and the ANH Kenobi Emitter taken care of in 1 week.

Might as well add another.


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YEah, I know what you mean.

That sucker is a major *******. Of course, internet searching isn't my strong point. That's why my wife always does our vacation planning. :lol


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Dovetail isn't in those renderings (if it is a dovetail).

I don't htink the dovetail was "locked" into the horizontal bracket. Just screwed into it. Rear of the dovetail (if it is a dovetail) is actually sitting flush to the horizontal bracket.

Why you ask? Well, if I still had ANH blaster photos I'd show you with spiffy diagrams and colored lines ala Prop Runner and Serafino (;)) but I'll describe it to you instead.

The scope is NOT perpendicular to the barrel in either pre or post shots. The horizontal bracket is perpendicular to the line of the barrel or bottom of the upper receiver. The scope bell is tilted back so that the scope front is pointing up some.

Both photos show this. Also, the horizontal bracket is turned 180 degrees between the pre and the post photos. The center hole is not perfectly centered on the horizontal bracket.


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I havent forgot about you Gav, after the ANH Flash Hider, I am taking a break from Google :)

I will try and start again on this Friday and delve more into it over the weekend.

I am sure we can find it...


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Wanted to add that this mount obviously attached to the side of a weapon. We should limit our searches to Side Scope Mounts.

Just an observation


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No guarantees that there is indeed a "dovetail" on the back of this mount. Reason being, good chance that this scope mount is for a bolt action rifle.

How many bolt action rifles do you know of that have a scope mounted off the center of the rifle? Scopes for rifles are mounted on top of the barrel.

So, it is my real opinion that the mount is put on the ANH blaster backwards from the way it was designed to go. IE: flip it 180 degrees and that is how it was designed to be mounted.

Of course, a dovetail is possible. What that means is that the scope mount would indeed be setup with the scope almost over the barrel and the quick release tension thumbscrew could not be easily disengaged.

Who knows?

Prop Runner

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Let's try this backwards, maybe... How about we start with the scope? Was it built for military use or civilian sportsman/hunting? During what years was it produced in that particular style? What do we know for CERTAIN it was mounted on? A hunting/sniper rifle? A recoiless cannon? A tank? An artillery spotter's rangefinder? If we can identify the type or types of firearms the HW-DIALYT3X was associated with, perhaps we should focus our attention on that manufacturer until we've exhausted every source before ruling it out.

We also know that the ANH cradle, rings, vertical mount, and side block were used on the "Sitting Target" Bapty Mauser, so there's a slim chance that pistol-scope configuration has appeared in other movies, if not in real life.


A filmography of Bapty would be one possible venue to check. Perhaps a record of the Mausers they carried. Shouldn't the UK Interior Ministry (or whatever govt. agency is responsible for firearm registration) have kept all their weapons' serial numbers on file? If we want to track this particular Mauser down, the slow, scientific method may yet prove the most promising, even if also the most time-consuming.

Just throwing some ideas around - what do you guys think?

- Gabe


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From my research many moons ago, the Hensoldt Wetzlar Dialyt scopes were designed for hunting/sporting purposes. When WWI broke out, the German army purchase many off the shelf scopes and rifles for use by their "snipers" as they had better accuracy then military contract grade rifles. Problems arose though in the fact that the sporting/hunting rifles and scopes were not designed to take the kind of abuse associated with battlefield conditions.

IIRC, the Dialyt 3 that we are looking for was only produced in the 1910-1914 period. Problem is that Hensoldt Wetzlar documents were lost during a fire in WWII I believe.


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Here are some sniper rifle configurations to go with my post about the scope mounting over the barrel.








Notice the quick release on this one.




This last image is of a WWI german sniper I believe.


Here's looking at you.


Got Maul

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been checking SKS along with Rugers and leapers...nothing so far. The only thing close has been your earlier suggestion to the mosin nagants.

Prop Runner, in that picture of the preHan, could it be concluded that the portion of the mount is infact part of ANH han ? Sorry if I am not up to my lore, I only joined this search :)
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