Snow/Frosting Effect for Costume?


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Anybody have any ideas as to how to add a Snow/Frosting type appearance to costumes?
Say for example you want to give the appearance of having just walked in from a blizzard.
These aren't the best pics, but when me and a buddy did the Nazi zombies from "Dead Snow", we had to make it look like we risen from the snow. I lightly dusted the areas with white spray paint and 'flicked' white paint from a toothbrush to give specks. I then brushed on fabric glue and threw decorative white sand at the glue areas and knocked off what didn't stick. For built up area (shoulders and helmet) I glued bits of cotton balls down, then did the same thing with the sand. I'll see if I have any better pics when I get home this evening.

Trying to remember where I saw it, but if I am not mistaken, you can use melted/dripped candle wax on fur, hair or wool to make for a frozen look.
Here are a few more pics that might help. After looking at it up close again, I realize I left out a step. I also crushed up a bag of clear plastic beads and mixed those in for a kind of icy effect. ** Disregard the brown stain. I think that was Jager.



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