Snake Eyes Armor Costume G.I. Joe: Retaliation update armor done!


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Hi I lower the price for a completed and paint helmet to a 235. Cause there are few member interesting and some has already paid. It easier for me when there are more people cause time its difficult for me when I start making the helmet i do it all at once save me time and money for me and for you. next couple weeks we start shipping the first one.

I would like to inquire whether the $235 price is for a snake eyes helmet with clear visor painted in black tint used for automobile windows?


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with the new snake eye movie coming out this page should pick back up. i even started a snake eye cosplay group on facebook. I am having the G.I. Joe armor printed and just got the first part sent to me from my friend. i have 36 people in the group and I am excited about that and as soon as i get my printer i will be selling the armor but right now if you want the armor my friend can print it for you. he does not do the helmet. i need to get two helmets and a 3 extra visor. Hopefully MaulFett does another run soon.


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