SmookCMb's IronMan Mark 41 "Bones" 3D Model


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Hi everyone...

I have some good news for you...i started on "Bones" suit Mark 41's pep files. This is a hard work to do because it has millions details haha but does not matter! CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! :p

So anyway...since i could get a last pic about it's back view i could sketch the whole suit to use it on Blender

This what we're talking about....aaaaaww yeah!! haha


And this is what i have 'till my opinion a Beauty! i hope i can continue with this great project!! :D What do you think??






Testing all...


Well, wasn't easy all this at the beginning but it's still in progress...and it would be cool you can tell me if you would like to see it as a wearable suit in the future...

I hope a great support from you..

See ya in other post!!

Of course we wanna see it! Go go go! After I finished my mk 42 I need the foam file for this great piece of art as my next build... Subbed!

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