Smallville Ship 1/6 Scale - Update 8/17


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This is my first attempt at replica prop modeling AND posting its progress on any forum anywhere so here goes. Below is the start of my model. In fact it is currently almost finished and in the painting stages right now, and I'm retouching the imperfections in the surfaces. This is just a teaser. I will post photos in the near future of various stages of completion. This piece is 8" long and 6" diameter at the widest point. Everything else was based on this piece.


Thanks to Wackychimp for hosting the webpage for the photos.

A lot of measuring and cutting later and:


Bottom view before glueing trim and side braces.


Adding the trim pieces to the top, glueing the front wedge and back spoiler in place.


The base coat of paint. Silver and Magnesium to follow this week. This is the "Stealth" version


Here's the silver version. Beginning to look more look more like the actual ship. Bottom View:


And the top view - laying on its side like most of the Smallville scenes:


Don't know if you noticed but the schematic drawings are underneath the ship. You can see portions of them. The Magnesium paint will be the final color then sealer and she will be done. Will have a little surprise in the final version. Stay tuned.

Here is the Magnesium paint job with the ship mounted on the stand I designed to hold the ship and the full size replica keys from other board members.


And we all know that the key has the word "Barcode" in Kryptonian. Speculation has it that the word is referring to the fact that Clark's biological parents purchased the ship at the Krypton Wal-Mart. We all know how big Wal-Mart is so I thought maybe they went more than Global in their reach. Sure enough I found some Kryptonite disguised as a note dispenser in the school supply section. So I made a Kryptonite key of my own. (Shades of Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory" - now if I could just find Julia Roberts!!)


Many thanks again to Wackychimp for hosting the pics.

Paul ô¿ô


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Something to eat on the long trip from Krypton.

Actually it took a long time to find someone with a lathe to turn the oak for me.

Paul ô¿ô


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looking pretty cool!

are you going the alcad ][ route or just normal krylon? the show tends to change up from "active" mode being shiny (due to CGI) to the "inert" mode being a matte silver finish..

still, a hell of a lot better than i could do. looking good!



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The model is based on the full size ship not the CGI's so it will be more the matte finish. Next is a silver coat then I'm using a metalizer lacquer model paint made by Model Master called "Magnesium Buffing Metalizer". It comes in different metal shades including Aluminium amd Steel. It is called "buffing" because you can actually adjust the color slightly by buffing the paint after it is applied with a soft cloth or cotten. Lastly I will seal it so casual handling won't "buff" the paint any further. This is the first time I will use it so wish me luck.

Paul ô¿ô


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Thanks for the comments and support guys. I haven't tried anything like this since I was a kid with model airplanes and cars, and certainly nothing without a kit ready to put together.

Paul ô¿ô


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I gotta say I'm jealous! Fantastic work. From your beginning sketches to this is fantastic! I wish I could work wood like that. I cant wait to see this finished........ Post MORE pics


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Thanks Mark - I take that as a very big compliment coming from you!

By the way - can't wait to get your "Heart of the Ship" - it will look great displayed right between the keys!!

Paul ô¿ô


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Wow - over 180 views and 6 posts (4 of the 10 are my own responses)!! I want to thank those that posted their comments but I have to admit I am underwhelmed! I was entertaining molding and casting this version of the ship but it's quite obvious there is definitely not enough interest for me to risk my first effort and money on molding this model. What really is disappointing is the lack of response from the Modeling Forum. I guess the lack of detail compared to a Starship Enterprise or a Millenium Falcon just can't measure up. Oh well, I had fun making it and that's what counts in the long run.


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Fear not Paul,

Interest waxes and wanes, especially it seems when it comes to Smallville.

I'm sure once the new season starts people will start seaching for Smallville stuff again.


p.s. I still really dig your ship
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