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Re: DarthDan95's Simpsons Paper Props

Superb! This thread should have the title "Official Simpsons Paper Prop Thread":) Looking forward to seeing more!


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Re: DarthDan95's Simpsons Paper Props

Ill be posting a lot of props here this week! Im back in my other home and now have access to every season. And I also now can work on Funzo again!


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Very cool stuff.

This was my collection until one day I opened the bin I had it all in and found the Buzz Cola had leaked into the Krusty O's and turned all moldy. Yech!

Nice collection, shame about the leak


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Simpsons sailboat

This has always appeared in the TV show....can't remember if it appears in the movie. Anyway, here's the Simpson's sailboat picture. Might be cool for Simpsons fans to print, cut out and frame.




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Here's a few more:

Lisa's wedding invitation (Season 6 Episode 19 "Lisa's Wedding")

Soy Pop package (Season 6 Episode 19 "Lisa's Wedding")
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Dang, i wonder why a few of my posts from my other thread got merged into this one. I thought i talked with a mod about that...

On another note, im working on the wedding invitation now.

EDIT: Seems my entire thread was merged into this one, and the old one deleted. That makes me pretty angry, especially after i worked hard to get that nice organized layout. Not sure what to do...
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Something I made years ago - not terribly accurate, and I forget what the Arabic says.

"Mountain Dew or ... crab juice."



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Krusty Burger Gamecards for the 1984 Olympics from S04E10 (Lisa's First word)
Lisa's election poster from S15E03 (The President Wore Pearls)
Bart's Fartzilla drawing from S15E16 (The Wandering Juvie):
Bart's fake wedding invitation from the same episode:
Bart's ticket for Murder 4 Life from S16E09 (Pranksta Rap):
Homer's invitation to Burns' 'hunting party' from S17E04 (Treehouse of Horror XVI):
Marge and Homer's christmas picture from S17E09 (Simpsons Christmas Stories):
Simpsons Carpentry poster from S18E03 (Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em):


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I have only one Simpson prop. I am not even sure where it came from I had it since High School. I wish I knew more about it...:unsure





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That is a cool looking prop ARES.:thumbsup

Just did a quick bit of research. It appears that the newspaper was an insert in "Simpsons Illustrated #1", a quarterly magazine that was published from 1991-1993, before it was replaced by the "Simpsons Comics!"

Here's where I found the info: The Simpsons Archive: The Guide to Simpsons Illustrated

I was wondering, is there any possible way you could get this scanned? I'd love to have a copy for my collection.
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