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I've been trying to learn how to make vector files so I can eventually recreate the softball photo, and I've made a few of the easier things over the last few days.

Here are a couple of the long awaited eighth series Krusty cards!

Annapolis CARD.png Krusty Poses Card.png

He seems to be running a little low on ideas.


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Just reuploading some stuff:
Homer's Greystash Picture from S18E08 (The Haw-Hawed Couple)
An invitation for Nelson's birthday party from the same episode
Homer's Nuclear Powerplant ID from S20E11 (How the Test Was Won)
An Everyman comic from S21E01 (Homer the Whopper)
Lisa's Ticket for the Springfield Philharmonic from S21E11 (Million Dollar Maybe)
Some pages of Eliza Simpson's diary from S21E13 (The Color Yellow)
Dick Cheney's business card from S22E06 (The Fool Monty)


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  • Nelson's Birthday Party.png
    Nelson's Birthday Party.png
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  • Nuclear power plant badge.png
    Nuclear power plant badge.png
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  • Everyman Comic Final.png
    Everyman Comic Final.png
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  • Diary 1.png
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Homer's picture for Marge from S22E08 (The Fight before Christmas)
Some random props, seen in several episodes:
The Fridge drawing
A picture of Bart and Lisa
A picture of Maggie
The Springfield Shopper title
Lisa's Jazz Fest Poster


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    Homer's Picture.png
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  • Maggie Picture.png
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  • Jazz Fest.png
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  • fridge crayon (Custom).png
    fridge crayon (Custom).png
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Season 7 episode 21: "22 Short Films About Springfield"

That is a rare photo of Sean Connery, signed by Roger Moore. It is worth $150.

Scaled to fit 5x7 glossy photo paper, Roger Moore autograph lifted from not-rare photo of Roger Moore as James Bond

and bonus full version of Football's Greatest Injuries in a VHS case (plastic clamshell, show version appears to be cardboard sleeve)


Dead Homer

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Granny Fanny finished, and another cover variant of American Breast Enthusiast as seen in The Krusty Book. Doing a small print run to get them (plus back covers) on glossy magazine cover stock that can then be used to re-cover old issues of Time, Playboy, National Geographic, whatever works. If anyone wants one (or all six) at cost, shoot me a message and I'll add them to the order, I'm currently awaiting approval on the SRA3 templates and a quote.


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