Sideshow; Angel of Death repaint


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As some of you know this piece had some problems with paint peeling off. My client decided to forgo the replacement route and have the entire bust stripped and repainted. It took four days to remove all the factory paint, but once removed there was a gorgeous sculpture underneath that was really fun to paint. Thanks for looking!
Before repaint:

Old paint removed:

New paint:

Looks like he made the right choice not going the replacment route. That is a great paint job. The mouth especially really stands out to me as looking way more realistic.
I wanted to see more that character in the film. You definitely bring it to life here. I didn't even know this bust existed!
Wow, what a frakking brilliant improvement!

This was my favorite character from the 2nd film; I wish she'd had more screen-time.

LOL, with the surround sound turned up on my system, her voice sounded like the devil himself had started talking through the speakers. Creepifying!
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