Shrunken Heads


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I know they aren't licensed characters or anything, but I wanted to share these shrunken heads I've been making. I've always been attracted to shrunken heads, visually they are so neat. The best part of them is that you can "decorate" them so many different ways. I was making them available as kits, but these are a few I finished for clients. The first one was purchased by Tom Savini.

Thanks for looking!


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Wow!!! These are beautifully done; fantastic sculpting, texture and hair!

If I could make one small suggestion, it would only be to oil the sisal fibers or hemp rope that you are using for the ties; it will darken them a bit and give them an older, more aged, vintage look.

I created something similar myself, many years ago and used dark-colored ties so as not to distract from the features of my head (see attached). Not sure if it's necessarily more accurate or better, but that is my aesthetic take on it, anyway.

Your pieces are so well done, I wouldn't want anything to avert attention away from the amazing sculpting.

Thanks for sharing your pieces! :thumbsup


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Nice work from both of you! Far superior to any of the mass-produced shrunken head novelties available these days. Please be sure to let me know if you ever make any availble in the Junkyard!


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Thanks for the compliments!

PotionMistress, that's a pretty awesome head you made there. I love it!

Zombie_61, I just added these to the junkyard in both in kit form and finished.