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I am in the process of building some of my Star Trek models and would love to see pictures of everyone elses's collections. I am particularly interested in accurate Enterprise, Reliant and Excelsior models. Once I am finished with mine, I will post pictures (may be a while).

Here's a couple of the Enterprise-B that I did right after the movie. I altered mine to show the aftermath of the Nexus Ribbon....


E-Z fix for that: Put it on a base, torch it a bit, and say it was hit by a photon torpedo while cloaked, ala' Undiscovered Country....


Your models look great. It is slow going with mine. I just got into modeling over a year ago and have been working on a Federation Dreadnaught as my first attempt.

Between work and my 1 year old, finding time to work on it is a challenge. I really find it relaxing, even if it takes me a year to complete 1.

Once I figure out where I can post pictures for free, I will post the progress shots I have.

Hey Scott, thanks for the compliments. I have worked on model kits for some time and I learn new things each and every time I build one. I like doing Star Trek kits but right now I have Batman on the brain. On my website all the kits listed that say coming soon I have in my unbuilt collection. It is very relaxing for me also. Even if I just do something to a kit each week. I try to do a little each day whether it is cleaning a part or painting something.

Take a look at the other pages on my site. There are links for Batman, Star Wars and others.

Here is a site that might help you. I haven't checked it out very much, I just ran across it!

Thanks again,
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