Show-Off Thread: My Power Ranger helmets ...PICS!


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here's our first sculpt, the Red SPD helmet.

(a pic we took with two little nosey kids :p )

And here's a pic of it- a side angle, compared to that of a japanese stunt show helmet (basically, an official piece)

Then came the Black Dino Thunder...(I did this one my self)

Here's my fiancee's White Dino Thunder (It is almost finished, will have really nice pics of it soon, he's going to finish it up and then air brush it. It's one of the only pics I have of it on my computer, most other pics were lost when Matt's computer crashed and needed to be wiped out)

And my absolute favorite. My green ranger helmet :) (I have kits for sell in the junkyard section)

And Matt's latest one....the psycho rangers (basically all the same...except color). He's currently making modifications and things like that to it.

(psycho head spin :p )

I'm also working on 2 new ones, SPD yellow and green. Here are the rough kits. Hopefully I will be done with them soon...I've just been soooo busy. well...holy cow...lots of pics. hope you like them.

AND...this isn't a helmet, but I thought I'd sneek it in here. My Power Rangers Mystic Force belt buckle, sculpted from scratch.

Not all that bad...considering we've only been doing this for one year :D well....maybe a year and a half LOL



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LOVE the abablack. That was my favorite ranger from that show and one of my all time fav designs.



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I'm imagining those kids peeking in the window saying "holy sh.t, the Power Rangers live there." I remember taking some kids I was babysitting to see the "original" Power Rangers at a kids show. They flipped. (The Rangers and the kids.)


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lol. well no one loves power rangers more than the kids, I could only imagine what i would have thought if I saw Power Rangers walking around my neighbor's yard when I was 8 years old...I would have had a fit. lol.

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Did you ever finish your ZeoRed helmet? Or am I getting you guys mixed up here???

Oh, and I've been meaning to ask about the origins of your new Dragon Shield (or is it the same one with a cover over the underarm clips?)


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New shield? Matt's always had that shield. I am actually about to sculpt one...wish me luck. lol :p

Oh, and I think you have me mixed up with someone else, Neon...teehee. I don't think I ever mentioned doing a zeored. I sure want one though...:p


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I can't say that I'm a Power Rangers fan, but I know artistry and craftsmanship when I see it. That's excellent work MightMorphinPR. Those are pieces to be proud off. :thumbsup


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Gone but not forgotten.
Hi there,
I think those are beautiful.
Great work...
I'd like to pick one up in a month or so :)


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yep they rock i cant wait till i get the DekaRed Kit from you two when you return to the uk :), i so should save up for abarekiller lol it looks awesome


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Originally posted by GundamZeppelin@Feb 10 2006, 12:26 PM
I have a friend that would love your work..

By all means, if there is a ranger fan out there who you think would be interested in my work, go for it... I need funding LOL :D My passion is power rangers props...but I also have an ever-growing interest in Batman, Superman, Star Wars, and The Matrix trilogy :D
I agree with them those of you with prop collection can not go without buying at least one of there helmets they are great quality. They are the highest regards on my site for there helmets wont be sorry. :thumbsup