Shipping replica weapons into uk

I have also never had a problem importing replicas, it's far harder exporting them, as UK customs won't let anything even vagueley gun-shaped onto a plane. That said, importing a rubber stunt weapons IS a breach of the VCR act unless you have a valid provable exception (theatrical or broadcast media use, museum piece etc). So it basically boils down to whether you are prepared to take the loss if it does get intercepted.
Thanks for the input chaps I appreciate it
I had an aliens flamethrower and stormtrooper blaster before and no problems
This is just more lifelike obviously
I agree completely. I have imported realistic replicas from the USA, Japan and the EU without any problem. The only time I had an issue was sending a resin Men in Black gun (shiny chrome with no hole in the ‘barrel’ end) to the States. It was returned to me with no further explanation.
Having said that there are members on here who have horror stories about customs so, like Birdie says, it’s a risk you have to judge for yourself on a piece by piece basis.
I had my first blade runner blaster seized and destroyed by HM Customs, and at around £800 was a very costly lesson.
It was a nightmare trying to fight it and went on for ages.
It's all down to the eye of person who looks it over. If they perceive it as a realistic fire arm it's gone. Unless you have a reasonable explanation to have it and being on this forum and fan of a sci-fi franchise doesn't cut it.
When I got various SST morita rifles sent from the USA, I phoned the Customs office and explained what they were, and they just told me to make sure that they were clearly labelled as something like "fantasy/sci fi non firing props", and they all came through ok,but that was quite a long time ago now.I notice recently that Propstore seems to be labelling just about any sci fi fantasy gun as "generally not available in the Uk" unless you have the exceptions mentioned above.

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