Shipping props from the the US to the UK

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by theotherbruce, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. theotherbruce

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    Who has the best rates for airmail etc. Who has been the most reliable, or quickest? Thanks all.
  2. _Lee_

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    I have received items such as loose MR sabers,graflex conversions and the like from the USA within a space of around 7-10 days.I think Express Air works best.I think you get a tracking number too :)

  3. eddie vader

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    I have used USPS without any problems. You can check the cost at the website. I have found that the express service is not much more and it includes insurance, plus it gets it there much quicker.

    E. Vader
  4. Star Wars Helmets

    Star Wars Helmets Sr Member

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    I agree USPS is best 95% of the time unless you're shipping something REALLY valuable in which case you can use Fedex (although theyre expensive and you'll have the vat and customs to contend with)


  5. JoeR

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    I agree with Jez, I insist on USPS for most items and I have never had a package go missing. Mark the value down if you can and the buyer agrees, over here in the UK they seem to love to sting everyone for customs charges.


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