Setting up shop: Painting indoors?


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Hey guys,

I am considering renting space in a warehouse to set up a workshop for building props, and I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions as to how one might go about setting up a space inside said workshop where one could safely use spraypaint or other chemicals which have fumes that need to be vented.

What is the usual procedure for this? I think I've seen people on TV painting with just a respirator, but I wonder if that is sufficient and if something with an air supply would be more appropriate. If a respirator is good enough, what sort should you use for paint and resin? And as far as venting fumes outside, what sort of equipment would you use for that?

Up till now, I've done most of my work with paints and chemicals outside to avoid these issues, but I need to find a new apartment in the next week or so, and I'm not sure I'll be able to find one which will have a nice backyard to paint in, and a garage to store my resin and pour my molds. Besides I'd like to build my business up and the next step would be to get a proper workspace for all my tools rather than carry everything outside every time I need to use it.

Any guidance would be appreciated!
you know how some ovens and every restaurant oven area has that large exhaust vent? There you go. Just run a hose (with a filter) from the vent to the fan. You can even build an inexpensive 1/4 scale paint booth with the same premise.
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