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Anybody have the graphic of the little grenade screen/read out. I had one that came with my resin kit, but it was printed on decal paper that you wet down/soak and it started to disintegrate and flake before I could get it in place. I need a new one that I'll just print on standard sticker paper with adhesive backing at my local FedEx office.


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Yeah. With gradients. Mine's a solid hunk of resin. Not hollow for electronics. A sticker is the best I can do.
You could probably make one yourself by doing a red gradient in any graphics program, print it out on maybe a label, spray it with a gloss coating, and then stick it on the grenade.
I just found some left over red reflector sticker labels I had bought to put on my mailbox. I cut a little piece to fit. It works well enough. I mean... this grenade is rude and crude anyway. Sorta like me!
A little more painting to do and it'll be done. Or at least as much as I'm gonna do.


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The light up hero versions had a led assembly behind a small bit of thin plexi that had a little slice of red gel applied to the back.


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