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After i saw the cinema release doco recently was inspired to add a few things to the replica 1988 helmet i have.

The whole thing is based around the 1988 Championship season and consists of the MP4/4 car used in that season in 1:18 scale with correct livery, a pit board in the same scale, a reproduction of his official accreditation from 1988 taken from a scan of the original and a replica of his personal sponsors cap sitting on a foam bust i painted up with kiddy paint to protect the foam and printed out some logos to trim off in 1988 format.

Was lucky enough to see him race three times in person.

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very cool!, I have been going to the F1 since I was a kid, so yeah I saw him race many times, even stopped right out in front of where i was sitting in his car, and a guy with a brazilian flag ran down an gave it to him a memory I have never forgotten...

was here at this race as well..

Senna´s qualifying lap at Adelaide - YouTube


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Wow, mate , did not know there was another senna fan!!!!
Best driver F1 will ever see in its history, this being said from a Fangio fan also!!!
lol I went to adelaide too , for the race, it poured in rain and Senna was the only one that wanted to race!
Prost did not ....

Here is my helmet 1991
I have a double S file that i cut and put on all my cars!!
i will see if I can find it !


Mr Webber

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Adelaide was the best. A group of us would pack into two cars on the Friday after work and do the eight / nine hour drive from Melbourne and head back after the race on Sunday night for work on Monday.Gold.
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