Seeking "Killer" Heath Ledger actor/impersonator for "SHADOWS OF THE BAT"

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    Have you mastered performing Heath Ledger's Joker along with putting an authentic cosplay costume together?

    Along with Chicago crew members, we're now seeking a "killer" Heath Ledger Joker actor/impersonator for our cast of "SHADOWS OF THE BAT"! We've also posted the first 10 pages of the script on our Facebook wall for those who want to see what we're planning in the opening teaser. Please "like" our page and check it out at:

    Shadows of the Bat | Facebook

    Of you are a professional actor, look like Heath (important detail since we'll be seeing the Joker sans "war paint") and can channel his unique performance and interpretation of the character, please send us your headshot, resume or any online video to:

    Also now raising funds for the project at:

    Shadows of the Bat -- Indiegogo

    I really hope I can get the chance to work with some fellow RPFers from here!


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