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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by WookieeGunner, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Given the number of people on here, I hope someone can answer this. I am working on a minotaur costume and the problem I am having is figuring out how to see through the mask. For those who haven't looked, a Bull's snout is a smooth bone from forehead to nose, istead curved like a human or dog. Because of this, the eye sockets need to sit 1.5 to 2 inches from my eyes. I don't want to do the painted mesh, I want something closer to glass eyes. My thought is Sculpty with a hole for the pupil, but I don't know if that will be big enough to give decent vision.

    Anyone else have a suggestion?
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    Errr.. Install pinhole cameras in the eyes, and them displayed on a tiny viewscreen in the mask? :p

    Be expensive, but possible... maybe.
  3. propsculptor

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    Another option is making Clear Vacuum-form Eyes and paint them on the inside with washes, the Eyes will look really nice and realistic and you will be able to see out of them.
  4. dkwd

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    Depending on how much vision you need, you can also use small holes around the eyes - like on the Donnie Darko mask.

  5. Cptnchaos

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    If the mouth is going to be open you can put BLACK mesh inside, to see through as well as give you extra air. Wear a black hood to hide your features under the mask.

    Post pics, I would love to see the end result.

  6. WookieeGunner

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    I thought of the mouth, but the issue with that is that it will be facing downward.
  7. bleyd

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    Any pix of the mask in it's current state? This may help in figuring out your problem. I was thinking mesh too but without seeing the mask itself may be difficult to decide. You COULD use some dark sphericals. Some kind of round bubble that pops inside. (KInda like what the troopers wear in there helmets but more round. ) The darker the lense the better.

    What kind of material is it made of?
  8. WookieeGunner

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    I haven't started the mask yet. I figured it would be better to aks for ideas and then incorporate them than to build the mask and try to retrofit. My current plan is to use a hard hat as the base and plastic canvas mesh for the shape. Then lay fur on that with a latex nose section.
  9. greatwazoo42

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    I wish I could remember the URL but there's a guy (I think he's a member here) that did a demon bat costume for Halloween 2 years back that managed to totally hide his eyes inside the headpiece and still see just fine. Perhaps getting in touch with him would be of help?

    Anyone here know the URL or the contact info for him?
  10. frosty

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    I have made a few mascot heads using the mesh in the mouth technique, works well, the guy in the frog mask was even able to ride a miniature motorbike,(although i would not recomend it.)
    Heres another unfinished one, oversized heads may be not what you are looking for but its an idea.
  11. rigormortis

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    I know for my Stargate Anubis guard, I actually look through a hidden slit/mesh in the neck vs the actual eyes. You'd never know it if I didn't point it out to people.

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