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I thought I would post up what I use when I sculpt. got the idea from Lee.
I encourage everyone else to do so as well here in this thread.
If it becomes a good enough resource maybe it can get a sticky.






There is a thread like this over at theeffectslab that helped me out quite a bit. I don't consider my arsenal of tools complete but here is what I got.

The clays I use. Kleen Klay regular I use mostly for mold making these days, Classic Clay medium for general use and Classic Clay hard for the small detailed work.
I also use different size boards mostly Corian for the base of most of my flatter sculpts

These are the modified and made pieces I use a lot.
The 1" putty knife is dulled at the tip I notched one side and sharpened the other. I used it mainly for cutting.
The little spatula is stainless tubing scrap that I made to a good blunt shape. It's actually a cutoff of the pieces I used to make my wedding bands.
The popsicle stick cut like this is used for scales. I've practiced with it.
The thinned popsicle stick has a beveled end to help shape small things. The other end has an edge rounded over for smooth inside radius'.

The full set of tools from Michaels. Good starter set. I had to sharpen a few of the pieces to make them work better but I like this set.
A rolling pin to flatted pieces. I put a flat piece of clay in a plastic bag so it doesn't stick to the pin and go as flat as I need.
Heat gun to help soften the clay. It's also good for glossing up the clay so that the fine detail gets softened.

General tools I've used. flat edges, sharp blades, pointy sticks, plastic back for nonstick, spoon for outside rounding, pizza cutter for cutting thin flat pieces, punches are different diameters for different size channel type details.

My leg armatures. 2x4's screwed to a square board. Each one is wrapped with a galvanized sheet to size it larger. They can be screwed to the swivel from a broken bar stool seat.

Not shown is my texture stamp I made of a piece of vinyl out of latex.
Not shown are the mold making stuff like stripes of Sintra, hot glue gun more 2x4's.
I used to use a simple kitchen knife and fork but now I use similar tools to ink monster :D
I guess you can use anything that gives you a good shape XD
I don't have pics because most of my stuff is in use or otherwise unavailable but my essential tool kit.

1. Clay: Monster Makers Monster clay
2. Mineral spirits
3. Armature: From Monster Makers
4. Turntable: My boyfriend built that for me.
5. Brushes for smoothing out clay: I've got one big wash brush and a couple of smaller brushes, usually size 1 or 2 bright or flat, natural bristle. I also use the back of the really small paintbrush to make quill holes.
6. Wire tools: I have one small one that I use all the time. More of them came in a kit but I hardly use them.
7. Sculpting tools: I have a lot of sculpting tools that were given to me but I really only use three of them. One of them is kind of like a scooper but it comes to a point at the end. Another is shaped like a japanese bamboo ear pick and the last one is a really small ball stylus.
8. Molding stuff: Pretty much everything that comes with the Monster makers' kit: Ultracal 30 (But I have also been supplementing with USG #1 casting plaster because I can get it locally,) Rubber Kidney tools, burlap, etc. etc.

I haven't made armor yet so, the list will probably expand when I do.

The crockpot is a pretty good idea to keep clay nice and soft rather than getting up every so often to reheat it in the microwave. I'm Learning something new every day.
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