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"Screen-Used" Cryptkeeper... I Really Doubt it!


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As someone who is not only a Longtime Fan of "Tales from the Crypt"... but I also worked on the real Cryptkeeper puppet at Kevin Yagher's Shop for "Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight"!!
I was recently looking for Cryptkeeper images on Google & Stumbled on this:
lf (19).jpeg

I have No idea what they Paid but whatever the Price... they OVERPAID!!
This is the Real Cryptkeeper Puppet...



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Heritage Auctions are the new PIH with this the fake TOS Phaser as well as some Star Wars items on the block


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Well, it looks like a Spencer's Gifts Knock off.

A bit of trivia I just picked up, the Crypt-keeper's eyes are actually the same set of eyes used on Chucky, (Good guy doll). Who knew! ;)


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The Batman Begins cowl in this upcoming auction was not used by "Brian" in the Dark Knight. The seam lines aren't the same between the cowls. I am the one that stated I thought it may have been used by Bale from behind in the cave when he pulls the cowl off. It would have made it easier to pull the cowl up and off the head with the front being opened. The scene was too dark to tell if it had seam lines though. The cowl is 100 percent production though. I know which mold it came from. Funny to see my "wording" being used in an auction.

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