Screen matched Punisher: War Zone Frank Castle Vest


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Thrilled to have finally acquired this piece today!

This is a screenmatched Punisher vest worn by the late Ray Stevenson from PUNISHER: WAR ZONE

The film was a box office disaster for a variety of reasons (Iron Man and the Dark Knight released in the same year that really set the tone for what a superhero film could be that the masses would like in addition to the over the top violence and silliness of this film) it is clear that you find people who either love Punisher Warzone or people who hate it.

Either way, I think it is generally regarded as one of the most faithful depictions of Frank Castle to the source material to date. From his overall look to his performance, Ray Stevenson really shined bright in this role in my opinion.

This vest has it all for me: The look, the weathering, the details... its absolutely stunning.

I myself wasn't the biggest fan of the film when I first saw it but I was an immediate fan of Stevenson in the role.

Inside the vest is a handwritten label with a Star Symbol and a # 1

(Note: there is a black shirt ive mounted under this vest for display purposes only, I'm currently sourcing a more accurate shirt to the one he wore for a better display)
Thanks for looking!


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