Scratch Star Destroyer from Cardboard

Idaho Jones

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So I had been admiring the scratch built Star Destroyer builds here and had some scrap cardboard I'd been saving, so. I had to have a crack at it. I shared a progress pic in the OT, but I’ve finished it up, so I thought I'd share here.

It's 11” x 6.5”. I stared off with some inaccurate plans and I was just winging it, because it was just for fun. I sealed the cardboard with a few washes of thinned Elmer's glue and hit it with a coat of grey primer. My daughters also donated some beads from one of there craft kits for the super-structure.

I stopped adding detail like the bottom dome and the 4 aux engines because I started on a big brother. I think I found some better reference plans to use. If you have some better one that would be great, this set doesn't have the bottom.


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That looks pretty good it is amazing to me what can be made from card board/paper.. Nice work


Great ship, I love card as a material. Strong, flexible, easy to cut and FREE. Add in emulsion paint and you can build anything, in fact that gives me an idea........

Idaho Jones

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Thanks for the complements. Here an update on the larger scale model. I've been working on the superstructure. At this point I'm not happy with the angle on the back of the neck, Ill have to rework it. Starting to think about how I'm going to address the greebles.