Scans of various prop money

Some of my humble artwork, I've got more of my own notes stashed away, I'm currently working on a 'European' note version.
Feel free to comment :)


I must say incidentally, that these prop notes and are not based on real currency past or present and are not meant to be reminiscent of any. On my 'Dollarish' ones it says:
'The Untied States of Armadillos'..........just in case anybody cared, LOL
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Firstly, You need a graphics program, everyone raves about photoshop but I've always used a program called, it's freeware,gratis,free of charge (My favourite price) and there are a lot of plugins. I have to be blunt in saying its taken quite a while to reach a standard I'm happy with but practice makes perfect!
Secondly, No I've never offered/sold these, I just did them for my own pleasure, I honestly never once thought anyone would want any. thanks for your kind comment though :)
These are a set that I modeled on an original 100 prop dollar bill my friend owned, he was making a short film on no budget at all and asked me for help, He needed a holdall full of currency held with elastic bands, (You get the idea.)
I modified the design front and back to be able to change the denominations. These were never sold either. The original batch were mostly destroyed making the film, (Money thrown on a fire scene.)
Although I still have the art files



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Do you think there'd be any interest in my notes? If there is I'll consider doing a run of what I have. As for the ones above, I'd have to replace the frames and then they'd be 100% mine.
As for having talent...I'm very flattered that you think so. :) you've cheered me up no end!
These aren't strictly SA props - simply an extension of the Blade Runner franchise.

click on the image to go to the download page...


All of the elements were made from scratch with a tip of the hat to some of the well known BR icons while at the same time, keeping faithful to the idea of the tooled features of a genuine banknote.


WOW!!! The Bladerunner notes are incredible!! Whitehammer, I think you have a very real talent my friend. If you were to make a run, I'm sure a lot of prop collectors, myself included, would love them. I mean, this thread has made my jaw drop so much I need super glue to hold it up. I would love to have these in my collection. I would love it if you pursued these. I would pay around $50 for a set. I would pay more if I could afford it but at the moment I have a little girl to take care of. Great job everyone. Keep them coming. Kind regards, Jeremy
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Thanks for making such beautiful work available for us to download. :thumbsup (Nice website too!)

They are going to look great with my Blade Runner Final Cut DVD VK briefcase and prop collection.


Nice work!


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How many Batman films used prop money? The Dark Knight looked like the real deal, but I could be wrong as I have not seen any prop money from that movie. Kind regards, Jeremy

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