Scans of various prop money

This is all I have at the moment. I know if came from here, but I apologize because I do not know who put it up first. I am also looking for different types of currency. There's always search but that doesn't give you anything unique or something you don't already know about.
If you use the search feature on this site you will find lot's of assorted scans and fan made currencies.
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If you use the search feature on this site you will find lot's of assorted scans and fan made currencies.


How about some keywords of non-popular shows? I have only been able to find money from shows/movies that I have seen, and theres a world out there that I havnt seen yet, or even know about.
my partners and I have been making custom currency for film and tv for a while now. I'll try to get some pics uploaded. I see our stuff all over ebay (not sure how people are getting it, as so far we've only sold directly to productions.)

I have no problem letting you guys use our work as a reference to make your own stuff (just please don't sell it.)
Pictures attached.

Pics 2 thru 4 are cheap knock offs of the money that is mostly used in hollywood today. I won't say the company that produces it (the real stuff,) as they don't deal to anyone outside of local 44 (as far as I know.)

The 5th picture looks to be of xerox copies of some of the old ellis stuff. There are many variations of that style still in use today (heck, we've got boxes full of it in storage.)

The notes we make are derived from the new and old styles as well as custom orders for special projects.

I'm going to get some materials up here soon for reference to help in making your own designs.
They're modified copies (scans or photocopies) of the real thing. They're missing color where color should be and the detail on the heads is terrible (looks like a xerox.)

The text on the denomination and the words "for motion picture use only" has been modified.

I looks as if whomever made these got their hands on a couple of the real notes, scanned them and cleaned them up so he/she could replicate them in large quantities.

They're not originals.

That being said, what is "real" prop money??? If you make your own design, and use it in a film... it's prop money!
Of course it is possible that those were specially ordered like that for a certain project, but I have been in the industry for 15 years and I have never seen those exact notes used. I've seen what they're based on - as theyre the most common.
I reckon that sometimes to save on budget the productions themselves photocopy prop money for use say in an explosion or if there are stacks of it a distance from the camera or say in the background (In a bar ect) where a lot of detail doesnt really matter. Ive been designing my own prop cash for a while (for other peoples use) and other artwork too & I also am a little upset to see my stuff pop up on ebay now and then. 90% of the time I gave it away for free in the first place.
The whole point of prop money is to be seen in the background where a lot of detail doesn't matter. If we need a close up shot, we use real bills (at the top of stacks if need be)

In regards to photocopying for big gags like explosions and whatnot, you're absolutely right. It's done all the time. The notes in question (pics 2-6 above) however, are not photocopies of the actuals exactly. They've been copied and modified, as if someone was going to pass them off as their own.

@jrbirdman - I'm sorry it's been taking me so long to get some examples posted. I'll try to get some up later today.
I did a little looking into the stuff on ebay. It seems that the vast majority of it is sold by one seller who says: "We provide Industry Standard Prop Money for the film and video production industry. Our money props can be seen in many films, television shows, music videos, print ads and commercials."

their notes are modified copies of the most common style (like the ones above.) I'm not going to discredit this seller because I'm sure someone has bought their notes and used them in some sort of film or commercial somewhere... but industry standard, i think not. Copies of industry standard notes, maybe.

I also found some of the notes like the ones in the pics above - they come with a COA from premiere props saying they were used in "The Punisher" - I don't know if I trust the COA as I can't see how this company is qualified to certify anything, but it certainly is possible that that modification of the common style was made specifically for that film.

Or perhaps it was modified by the propmaster to keep the cost down considering how much of it was needed.

*if the COA came from the studio or the production company that might be a little more believable, but I could just as easily go get a glove and say it was used in Star Wars - with a COA from me!
... And that's the catch.

Better to buy from someone you know, or a person recommended by someone you know, than some guy on eBay. If you're looking for anything approaching authenticity or provenance.

-Mike J.
The thing about prop notes is that they don't get sold off. For the most part they're not considered assets, but expendables. Local 44 propmaster's buy them from the manufacturers (if they don't already have a huge stockpile they can rent) and then at the end of production they get packed into crates that live on the propmaster's truck. Then on his next show he just rents them or sells them to production again.

So coming across actual "screen used" notes is pretty hard. They don't go up for sale unless they're given to some sort of charity, or they're swiped by someone on the set. The manufacturers don't sell to the public.

In the case of Premiere props, it's possible they just had so much they decided to sell some of it to a memorabilia company... but that's pretty rare.

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