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Hi there,

Now Im pretty much new at this. But I was looking up models that I wanna buy. But then I see there are tons of different scales. And I have no idea about scaling for different things. I know 1/4 and 1/2 scale. But then I see stuff like 1/20th and up to the highest I seen so far 1/2000 scale. So I wanted to know about scaling for a person I guess you could say. I wanted to get a model of a Guts from Berserk. But I need help with the scale that Im looking for. Can someone put it into inches. Like how tall would the model be in inches if its 1/20th and 1/35th scale?? And how much does it go up with ea scale higher?? Like if its 1/20th scale in inches and then how many inches would it be if it just goes up by one to 1/21th scale. Even if they dont make that size could you just let me anyways so later on i can figure it out please. And yes I googled scaling and everything and I couldnt find anything that put it into inches for each scale for a person. I know that scales also depend on what the model is of. Like if its a space ship or car or person then they will be different on ea of them cuz of how big they would be in real life. So ANY help with this would be great. And ahead of time in case I dont get a chance to then THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

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The only way anyone could know how big/tall a model is at any scale, is if they know how big/tall the object is at 1:1. Thus we can use the calc provided by Thomas^.

However, if you know how tall the kit is, i.e. kit measures 3.6" and is at 1:20, then you would multiply 3.6 by 20 to get 72" tall for the 1:1 measurement.

To change between scales is pretty simple too. Let's say you have a 1:24 and you want to scale it up make it a 1:12 kit, you would divide 24 by 12 to get your multiplier. In this case, two. Now all you need to do it take all the measurements from the 1:24 kit and double it to get your 1:12 scale.