SBY Deusula Core Ship - Independant Command Vessel


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hi all

Fancy title huh? Yeah, I made that one up all by myself - right after reading the description on the box ... ;)

Jokes aside, here is my latest SBY ship to enter service in my slow growing fleet - The Deusula Core ship - the head bad guy's own personal ship which docks in with a much bigger ship.

I haven't done a WIP for it although I did take some snaps so you can see the surface detail I've added. I hummed and arrghed about the paint scheme for this one for a while, but I'm happy with my choices. Instead of going with one solid color, I've elected to dirty mine up somewhat and make it look a little more interesting

I decided to paint the little intakes Alclad polished Aluminum and then Tamiya clear red over that (which I also did to the base) and I'll most likely add little nav lights when it's all dried more.

Weathering was done with pigments and it was dry brushed with Sky Blue - again, just for interest

Enough words, here's the pics - of which I will replace tomorrow during daylight with better ones:

Shading and base painting:


As always constructive critique is welcomed

thanks for looking

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