Santa Clause, The


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I've searched around this forum and haven't found it yet, so it might not exist, but does anyone have or make the card from "The Santa Clause?"
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Re: The Santa Clause

I know I've seen it here before. You could watch the scene in the movie where he has to read the card to get the tiny text. But I know it has been done here at one time...


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Here's one I've had on my system for some time.

As I can't figure out how to scale it down I thought a link would be easier.

EDIT. A big thanks goes to PhoenixVader for making and sharing the file....Thanks Thomas, much appreciated.

Thanks goes to Pilot for hosting the image, Cheers Pilot!
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I am so printing one up.. Loved the movies.. Now to find somewhere with nice quality cards..

I "stole" some from my wife.:) Avery makes some nice cards which are clean break style (no perforated edges) and a nice pure brilliant white colour. You can download the template for the cards from Avery, then simply copy the image into the card template.

Couldn't be easier, even I did it first time out!!


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I gave one these to the Santa at the mall....he loved it,said he was going to show it to his grand children(who love's the movie) to prove he is the real


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Thanks. Now hopefully printing stores do this size card.
This movie was on last night in australia so of course I had to watch it, and now I want the snow globe