Sabine wren build for my daughter

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So ive started to make my daughter a sabine wren costume. Starting with the helmet. I have started with card to get the basic overall shape sorted. Ive started by using Boba Fett templates but customizing the cheeks and the roundness of the front of the helmet to look as accurate as I can get it. Excuse the dome, I tried different card and it didn't shape as well as I had hoped. will be re-doing it.


Any tips or advice as to how I can possibly mould this when it is all smoothed or make it more solid for a kid to play with? cost is an issue.

Thanks for any opinions, advice, feedback etc. :)
So not much of an update, but I have marked out the visor.


So the last few days I have been playing around with some silicon at work. trying to make this as cheap as possible really. so I was thinking of going the slushing route....but for this kids costume I am going to try paper mache I say im going cheap. (will save the slushing for the next costume I think). so I have found that our silicon at work comes off of tape quite easily. so once the helmet is done im going to cover it in tape, then make a mould using the silicon and other stuff I can get my hands on(body fillers, db puttys...anything that goes hard). then hopefully I can go ahead with the paper mache clay which I have come across. if that doesn't work then I will go for the slushing.

thanks for looking and any advice welcome. :)
so heres another little update.



after cutting the visor and applying the card behind I noticed it has slightly got out of shape on the eye part on the left of the picture and the bottom right of the visor. im staying as it is because I believe I can correct it when I have made my first cast. I know this build isn't along the lines of stuff usually showing up on these forums, quality wise but this is my first go at making a mould and wanted to do it cheap. basically im making a poor mans mould and a poor mans cast using paper mache clay. im finding as I go why you start with better materials and why things are done a certain way so its been a good learning curve so far.

can I ask a question though, hopefully I can get a fairly quick answer as im near the point I want to be to start the mould.....the "ear" parts of the helmet, where the range finder connects to and one that has nothing connected to it on the other I do them before the mould or do I mould them separately afterwards?

thanks for looking people. advice and criticism welcome. :)


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