S stands for Superman --


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First of all, the description says:

"From the first three Superman movies"

Click HERE to visit my pal Jim Bowers site "CapedWonder.com" and go down to the "Superman IV" section.

Whaddya know? The behind the scenes stills the seller is using in his auction are from "Supes IV".

Next, here's a pic of my screen used cape (along with the rest of the family :)) shot in normal light as one would assume the pic of the logo for sale was shot.

Notice that the color on mine is almost a mustard yellow.

Now his. It almost jumps off the screen at you. Holy Screaming Yellow Logos, Batman.

These logos were NEVER made in primary yellow. It's too bright a color for filming.

Granted, I've seen documentary pics and footage showing dozens of capes made for the 1st two movies alone, but Great Caesar's Ghost, this guy's got enough capes and logos to cover the city of Metropolis.

It's a nice logo. I'd pay around $50 for it if I was building a costume. But authentic? :thumbsdown Um...no.



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To be fair the person may have been using a flash, on that lower pic, which will wash out colour faster than a speeding bullet. The evidence is there to kinda support that notion. However, that still doesn't prove or dis-prove that it's screen used or not.


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itd be safer to assume i scratch built saurons armor for WETA behind the scenes than it would be to assume this guys auctions are legit.

so far, i count 1 superman "bad guy", but 8 "original." on set screen used superman 2 costumes, 5 superboy costumes, and i think at last count 9 supergirl screen used?

superman 3, and 4 screen used totals something about 10 or so. he averages one a month somehow.

must be one hell of a storage shed, chock full of all that warner brotherly goodness.