Ruger mini 14 3d model needed

What's up everyone? I am in need of a 3d model of the Ruger mini 14 gun used by the A-Team in the 1980's T.V. show. One of my many side projects that I'm working on is a replica of the A-Team van. So I'm looking for some guns to display with the van. If someone can produce a model of this gun for me I can mill it on our cnc machine and make some props. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
I've looked around for one for a little while now. All the ones I find are sold out or discontinued. I also keep my eye on ebay from time to time to see if one will pop up but no luck so far.
Great fined. Thanks for the help but still not quit what I need.
Here is a reference photo of the guns they used on the show.


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I just came across an authentic mini that was used in the show. I will be purchasing it tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested and we can talk.


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Hey, I am doing a weapon project in my 3d modeling class at school, want to do this same gun (mini 14) got some really funny looks when I went to Turners outdoors man and asked if I could take some reference photos of their Guns, I also want to do a mossberg 500 tactical, needless to say I didn't get any photos. I noticed this post is pretty old but I was wondering if you or anyonre could help me out. Really need some help with some of the more detailed parts of the gun that many of the internet photos dont get like the straps and clips and stuff. I plan on using some normal maps on it also so I kinda need to know things like what the heck is stamped below the sights. Im sure it says Ruger or something, thing is this thing has to be totally Photo realistic. Any help please let me know. Thanks