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"Shouldn't they be putting their time into saving the US Economy?"

Such an ignorant statement. I'm sure San Diego HATES the added revenue that SDCC brings every year. Victoria did awesome. The reporter was absolutely terrible.
I like how Victoria starts to say that " we are contributing to the economy... It maybe the local economy, but we are still contributing.." and then the reporter cuts her off at the end and days they are "out of time"!
This witch pretty much was trying to grill her with questions, pretty much saying people are wasting thier money on SDCC. What she could'nt go after the people who spend thousands on a sportscar, country club or something like that. Protesting in Washington is'nt going to do a bit of good the congressmen will do whatever they want anyway regardless of a protest. I wonder how much that stupid reporter spent on her handbag.
If the reporter did a little homework she would have found this simple statement which trumps the whole interview

“It has a $193 million dollar economic impact,” said Joe Terzi, president and CEO of the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau.

He cites figures of roughly $25 million in retail income, $40 million in restaurant revenue and transportation, with direct spending alone totaling nearly $100 million.

Comic Con is king economic impact is tremendous
The reporter had zero interest in doing in depth research into this, it would have a negative impact on her ability to paint Americans in a poor light.
I hope this reporter is going to turn up outside a sports stadium and ask why fans are wasting their hard earned cash on replica team jerseys, facepaints, overpriced hot dogs and prime seats rather than giving it to homeless people.

And seriously "Why are you spending money instead of stimulating the economy?" is one of the stupidest questions I've ever heard.
Wow, I'm not one to go to conventions, but I have to agree with ScruffyRebel on how badly biased these questions were.

And add the fact that Comic Con definitely adds to the local economy and that makes it all a win-win scenario. :thumbsup
Would be very interested in hearing ScruffyRebels take on this and what the backstory was prior to her interview. That alone should prove the Dislike of the interviewer.
Do you think Victoria was possibly mislead or under the impression that this was a fluff piece about Cosplay and SDCC but instead got ambushed about our economic hardships.

Exactly this Amish Trooper :unsure

I was contacted Sunday night asking if I wanted to do an interview with them about Comic-Con. And I've never been on any kind of TV before, so why the heck not! Sounded fun, and I blindly assumed it would be the general kind of SDCC coverage, asking about the crowds and panels, celebs, etc.

They said they would send me questions about an hour beforehand so I could look them over, but they didn't. I got an email on the road when I was a few minutes away from the studio letting me know the anchor was still writing her questions (which is BS since she obviously already had this article up), and that:

"she will basically ask you about your experience , what you think of the critics of comic con esp of those who attend and get into it. also if this can somehow be seen as an escape from reality...especially in troubled economic time".

That all sounded fine to me, and I was rather interested in the last bit because it sounded like a good, solid conversation piece.

I had no idea until we went live and I caught a glimpse of her actual "headline" that I realized what her interview was actually about.

It wasn't until the interview was over and the bf and I were in the car when it dawned on me what a ridiculous ambush that had been.

I understand people not understanding, or misunderstanding, this hobby. But clearly this woman (who used to be a reporter in San Diego!) had, what I consider to be, a ludicrous agenda she wanted to push for goodness knows what reasons.

/\ Point made and I think SR proved her point! Good on you Scruffy Rebel!! Thank you for sticking up for the millions of us that are in this hobby for the fun of it!!!!
It was pretty shocking how stupid the questions were. It shouldn't be a fluff piece of course. The reporter should ask some questions that the general public might have. But I'm pretty sure no one at home is saying "These guys aren't doing enough to help their community or fellow man."

In my experience most people in this country don't help others and hold up selfishness as some kind of virtue, and only seem to do community service when they are ordered to by a judge as punishment for a crime. Us geeks do community service and fundraising for fun on a regular basis.

I'm sure there are plenty of folks in San Diego who like to ***** about the inconvenience that a large con like SDCC brings, but you know they like the money it brings in. People in Atlanta like to ***** about DragonCon, and I've run into plenty of Disney/Theme Park whiners in Orlando. But again, they sure like our money, don't they?

You see this reporter didn't do any research, like finding out how much money SDCC brings to the region or what sort of community service these clubs do.
Victoria, you handled it with a lot more tact than I would have. My reply would have been one long continuous bleep :lol
This was simply bad journalism, if there was any in it. No background reseach, biased questions, provocative questions, no neutral ground. I'm sorry for you Victoria, that you've been mislead, but kudos to you for being so eloquent - have you seen the dislike for this channel on YT? Off the chart :lol
Really, that reporter is of the opinion that it is the responsibility of people who have worked all year, saved what money they could to take a vacation (and participate in something they have a love for) should be saving the homeless and marching on Washington DC???? Isn't that why we vote :lol.

You are supposed to feel guilty for taking a break from "reality" to do something you earned and paid for with your own money. You hit the nail on the head, SD's economy relies on the conventions as a big source of income. The convention participants are doing more to help the economy than a DC march, they are putting money into it.

Excellent job Victoria, you could tell you got blind sided with the direction those questions went but held your own. :)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't the homeless of the city gather near public tourist areas (like the harbor and convention center) because there are throngs of people with disposable income? San Diego would be hurting even harder it the "geeks" packed up and moved.
Well handled interview, Victoria.
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