ROTS Vader Shins

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    DARTH ANIBAL Sr Member

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    I'm not talking about the Rubies' here, does anyone KNOW how the movie-used set were fastened onto the leg? Straps or zip-up back (like the Rubies' Supreme costume)?
  2. Boba Frett

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    I have a big standup , and even though you can't see the straps , I am betting it fastens like all the rest.

    Definatley no zipper up the back , because you can see the boot tops.
  3. PantheraGem

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    Judging from the way they did a lot of the stuff on the ROTS costume, I'm betting that they are strapped right through the leather of the front of the boot. Or at least fastened directly through it by some means. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  4. darthjones

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    Hi. All I remember is a set of 3 straps on each one but I forget how they were fastened (buckle or whatever).

    I don't think it was velcro.
  5. Turrican

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    Hi, it's an old thread so sorry for weak up zombies, but it would also interest me if someone has any news on this.

    Where you got these infos form? Have you ever seen the real ones backside?
  6. Shaunn Lawrence

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    Definately Straps! They are in fact very visable is several pictures of David Prowse in the costume! As for the NEW suit of Armor worn briefly by Hayden Christiansen?

    No Idea Mate!

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