ROTJ (or ESB) MPC X-Wing Group Build on FaceBook


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an interesting note is that ILM also inverted the wings so they are technically upside down from the instructions. Probably so they could get that nice little bit of detail that should be on the bottom from where the wings kind of snapped together.

So many great entries in this contest. I have yet to finish mine but here is where I left off. View attachment 1042022 View attachment 1042023 View attachment 1042024
Im building this model and I glued the rear engine correctly only aftre I noticed the original Brian Johnson the engines are glued with seam line facing upward and the lower ones with seam line sidewards.


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I'm not so sure, his was really good, but I think David Emmerich's was the best one in my opinion. I certainly don't expect to win, I'll just be happy if I make it into the finals.
I hadnt seen none before the judging , but wow David nailed it would easily pass for the original prop spectacular!!!!!


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Does anyone know if there are any photos of the bottom of this model? I am trying to replicate it.

If you have any shots of the bottom you can share it would be much appreciated.


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