Rotj DDC-Defender

Ryan Clinton

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This is a modified blaster factory ANH DDC-DEFENDER kit. When I ordered this the Rotj version was only offered as a full commission and I wanted to finish and paint it myself so I ordered the Anh version and modified it. The flash hider on the blaster factory version also doesn't have the imperfections on it that the screen used DDC-DEFENDER has so I reached out to eethan and asked him to do a custom Rotj flash hider for this build. He did a beautiful job and matched every detail. I had to do a bit of modifications to this kit due to machining issues as well. The barrel mounting hole was drilled about 1.5 to 2mm too far to the right. So I drilled the hole out to the left just enough, cut a thin layer of metal and put it in the right side of the hole to force the barrel over to the left. I then drilled the hole for the barrel pin out slightly bigger and tapped it for a 6-32 headless screw. I put a thin layer of j&b weld on the barrel before mounting it. After tightening the screw on the barrel it was locked in solid. I actually did this after sanding and smoothing out the all machining marks. I also cut off the barrel threads, drilled it out, threaded it for 1/4-20 and put in a threaded rod to mount the new flash hider. The eight bumpons my wife cast from a vintage exactra 31 calculator. I had to heat up the grips also and shape them so they would lay flat against the reciever. The slide lock on the Rotj DDC-Defender is different than the ANH version so I cut out a new one with the fins on it from some scrap aluminum I had. I shaped it by hand with some needle files and painted it. I did a similar paint job on this one as I did on the ANH DDC-DEFENDER I recently built. I did however make this one a little darker. A thin coat of black primer, a light dusting of dark aluminum, some steel wool then a Tamiya clear clear coat. Then some more steel wool to dull down specific areas. Then buffed it with a cloth to shine it up a little bit. I added a subtle bit of dust and grit where it might collect over the years. I also wore down some of the corners and edges on certain parts of the blaster that I thought would most likely be down to bare metal. The Vernon hawker tomtit greeblie I cut and put together before installation. This is by far my favorite blaster in all of Star Wars. I'm really pleased with how it came out and I hope to make another one. I'd like to see if there's a more effective way of making aluminum look more like blued metal. Thank you again eethan for your help and precis work on the custom flash hider.
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Hot damn!!! Great work both of you. That looks like the prop!

Sucks to see another BF kit that was messed up, but you patched it intuitively

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