Rocketeer Helmet finishing questions.


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I'm new here, but not new to cosplay or prop building. I'm new to using 3d printed pieces, I was using mostly foam previously. YouTube has informed me on many parts of this build but I'm looking for some pretty specific information that I have not fallen over on YouTube. I also searched many build threads and saved them for reference from here. This is my first helmet and 3d print finish/build attempt.

Ok, so I picked up a very discounted 3d print Rocketeer helmet from Etsy. It's a very rough print and I've sanded the deep ridged print lines down to be smooth, it's to the point of giving me diminishing returns on sanding, and I'm getting close to attaching the fin. I am about to start Bondo/glazing putty to make it even more smooth and fill in some imperfections. I really dislike the look of the welds, so I have a couple questions.

1- Bondo or glazing putty to fill in small lines sanding did not get?
2-Has anyone ever used JB weld on 3d prints maybe to recreate/fix the look of the welds?
3- Where should the fin start for gluing. I have seen it close to the top rivets, and close to the middle rivets. It looks like screen used helmets have the fin start about 1-1.5 inches above the middle rivets.
4- Any recommendation on filling the inside of the helmet or strengthening it, possibly more Bondo or glazing putty?
***5- The main information I am looking for, what color are the lenses? I have seen brown and possibly green colored. Not sure which to go with there.

I appreciate any help or experiences that you can spare.
For the welds I use gorilla glue 5 minute epoxy sticks. roll out, apply and use what ever tool to sculpt the "stack of dimes" you are looking for. Paint wise I paint a base of gold and bring it down with a burnt umber and black washes. I believe the lenses are a dark amber color. Hope it helps.

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