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Hi guys,

Got my Oz helmet sanded and ready to paint. I've read other threads how to paint for the movie-version of the helmet, but I want to paint mine closer to the comic style of the helmet color.

I tried a coat of just gold, but it didn't turn out too well to leave it as-is.

I'm looking for something closer to:

Here's another link to a larger version of this:

It's not as shiny/metallic. Like maybe a dull copper? Anyhow I'm looking at samples right now but I figured if any of you have some suggestions what color(s) would work best for this I'm all ears!
First off, I gotta ask, are you gonna go with green or grey eye lenses? Personally, for comic versions, I really like the green lenses myself but grey wouldn't be "wrong" IMHO.

I wouldn't worry about accuracy, per se, with the comic version because how your mind translates the colors is really kind of a strictly personal thing, y'know?

If I were gonna be doing a comic style, I'd start with an Acme helmet because the fin is flat which is truer to the comic style than the Oz helmet but I'm picky about my fins :p ;)

Aside from that, I'd start with a more natural gold color. With movie style helmets antique gold rub-n-buff is the right color BUT with the comic style I'd go with something more like just straight gold. Don't use rub-n-buff at all... just use straight gold spray paint. I personally love Testor's brand myself. And then, if you can, don't "weather" it per se, but rather softly shade the side mouldings (this is what I've always called the raised lines on the side for lack of a better term) and the weld lines with an airbrush using something a tad bit darker like a burnt gold color. After that, I'd clear coat it with Testor's gloss cote to a.) reduce the shine from the paint and b.) give it a nice smooth look.

So... that's what I'd do if it gives you any inspiration :angel
Yup, I plan to have the green lenses - my current plan is to find some of those comical extra large sunglasses, some usually have a green tinted lenses and see about using them.

And I'm not really worried about the accuracy this round (There's a number of inaccuracies between the movie and comic versions)

The gloss coat helps a lot and will probably play with that and the side moldings touch-ups as well. Thanks!
I had found that a bronze colored car paint to have worked pretty well for my scatch build helmet. I can't recall the manufacturer, though.
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