Robotech Cyclone CVR-3 Armor


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So about four months ago, I got a wild idea to take on this project. It was a costume I've wanted to do for years, but lacked the skills needed to pull it off right. So, after doing Clone Trooper armor from scratch a few years ago and some other misc. props, I figured I could do this. Save up some cash, buy the materials, block out some time and set a finish date, which was this weekend.

After working every single day since, I pulled it off. Everything was sculpted by hand using 2lb. foam. Silicone and Plasti-paste molds, final castings are in urethane resin backed by fiberglass.

You can see all my WIP pictures here... MobileMe Gallery

Some final pictures...





More final pictures here: MobileMe Gallery
Thanks to Charlie Mann for taking the pictures. We hope to eventually make everything in Vac-Formed plastic, because hand-laying fiberglass is a chore.
Oddly enough I was just reading the Robotech comics. Very cool. Every notice that some of the alien guns from Halo look a bit like the guns in this series?
That is freakin' AWESOME!! I grew up loving this show. Did you make the weapon as well or were you able to find it somewhere?
Thanks guys. I also made the blaster, check my WIP (work in progress) link above to see the sculpting/molding, etc.

I'd like to make the rifle version of the blaster as well before DCon.

Wow Impressive to say the least! I think I just heard the whole island of Japan and a generation of anime n3rds roar in envy over your skills sir.
Looks pretty good. However, if you don't mind me saying so but your boots are a bit on the small side compared to the anime and I think the thigh armor might be a little off. Still, it's definitely good work regardless and I hope that I can do half as good work as you when/if I decide to finally tackle making a set of ATAC armor from Southern Cross.
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